Bex Taylor-Klaus


Bex Taylor-Klaus was born in August, 1994, a fourth generation Atlantan. They moved to LA to start their professional acting career while still in High School, and quickly landed their first role as a tough street kid named Bullet in season 3 of AMC’s The Killing. Their performance was immediately met with critical acclaim. The New York Times referred to The Killing as “steadily one of the best-acted shows on television,” and highlighted Bex’s performance in this stand-out role. Since playing Bullet, Bex has worked steadily in TV and film. They are best known for their roles as Sin on CW’s “Arrow,” Audrey on MTV’s “Scream,” and perhaps their personal favorite, the voice of Pidge on Dreamwork’s highly acclaimed reboot of “Voltron: Legendary Defender.” They have also played the roles of Bronwyn in “The Last Witch Hunter,” Amy Meyer on “The Librarians,” Vivian in “Longmire,” and Bex in the Season Finale of “Glee.” They have also played the recurring roles of Lex in “House of Lies” and Teresa in “iZombie.” Fans can look forward to seeing Bex in a recurring role of Dex Reynolds in HBO’s “Here and Now” (to be released in 2018), as well as the role of Violet Paich in Harald Kloser’s upcoming release of “Discarnate,” and Director Anne Fletcher’s “Dumplin’.” Whether performing in drama, comedy, or horror, Bex loves breathing life into complex characters. They invite viewers to explore the nuances of life’s emotions, whether getting in touch with their playful sides or exercising their demons. They write, “to be an actor is to want to visit the dark places that humans strive so hard to stay away from.” On a different kind of screen, Bex curates a robust social media presence (Twitter: iBexweBex; Instagram: Bex_TK) and engages regularly with their eager fan-base. Off the screen, they enjoys Krav Maga, hiking, and hanging out with their family – by choice and by blood – especially their dogs, Bullet, Rocky, and Kat.


Movie Name Release Date
Voltron: Legendary Defender 10 June 2016